Becky Faett, RN, MSN, MBA

Becky Faett is a co-investigator on R4 Telerehabilitation for self-management of chronic edema/lymphedema in individuals with mobility limitations. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1978.  She received her diploma in nursing from Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.  Ms. Faett continued her education at Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, PA where she received a BSN in 2000, a MBA in 2002 and a MSN in 2006.  She is currently a student in the Rehabilitation Science and Technology PhD program in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Pittsburgh.  Ms.  Faett’s clinical background has been primarily in perioperatvie and critical care nursing.  In 2006 she became a full-time instructor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing in the Department of Acute/Tertiary Care.




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