Andrea Fairman, PhD

Andrea D. Fairman is a Co-Investigator on research tak R3 Telerehabilitation Enhanced Wellness Program in Spina Bifida. She is an occupational therapist who has over 16 years of experience working in community-based settings with a variety of populations.  She earned both her B.S. in Health Sciences and Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy from Duquesne University.  Andrea formerly served as the Executive Director of the Spina Bifida Association of Western Pennsylvania (SBAWP) where she developed new programming to address the needs of persons with disabilities including The SBAWP Wellness Program and BluePrints Play Group.   She continues to serve on the SBAWP Housing Board of Directors and is also a lead person on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Working Group on Transition for Spina Bifida. In 2008, Andrea left her role as Executive Director of SBAWP to more intensely pursue a career in research through the University of Pittsburgh, where she is enrolled as a PhD student in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  Andrea's research interests include compensatory strategies for cognitive deficits incorporating assistive technology and principles of telerehabilitation.  





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