Mary Jo Geyer, PT, PhD, FCCWS, CWS, CLT-LANA, C. Ped

Dr. Geyer is task leader on R4 Telerehabilitation for self-management of chronic edema/lymphedema in individuals with mobility limitations. She is an Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Rehabilitation Science & Technology Department. Dr. Geyer is a well-known speaker and has presented at numerous national and international meetings on wound and/or lymphedema management over the past 15 years. She served several years as a representative to, and later as a member of, the Board of Directors of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). She also served as Director of Edema and Wound Management Services and Research for the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. Prior to her faculty position at Pitt, she taught the management of disorders of the cardiovascular, pulmonary and integumentary system to doctor of physical therapy students at Chatham University. She is currently a member of the AAWC Board of Directors; a consultant to the Lymphatic Filariasis NGDO Network; a member of the International Lymphedema Framework International Advisory Board; chairs the Steering Committee of the AAWC-HVO Global Alliance and is one of the chief architects of the WHO Global Initiative on Wound & Lymphedema Care. International training in wound and lymphedema care is her most current interest including: a lymphedema training project in southern India (2007), an international training workshop for therapeutic footwear in Mali (2008), and WHO and Rotary International wound and lymphedema training projects in Ghana (2008 & 2009).




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