Richard Simpson, PhD

Dr. Simpson is a task leader on D2 Development of TR tools for communications technology, R5 Evaluation of remote AAC service delivery, and R6 Evaluation of remote computer access service delivery. He received a BS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in 1992.  At the University of Michigan he earned an MS in Bioengineering in 1994, an MS in Computer Science and Engineering in 1995, and a PhD in Bioengineering in 1997.  Dr. Simpson was certified as an Assistive Technology Practitioner in 1997.  Dr. Simpson joined the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology (RST) in 2000.  His job responsibilities include research, teaching courses and mentoring students and providing clinical computer access services at the Pitt Center for Assistive Technology (CAT).




Journal of Telerehabilitation


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TeleWellness: Interactive Mobile Health and Rehabilitation



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