Michelle L. Sporner, MS, CRC

Michelle Sporner is a Co-Investigator on the D1 Developing Mobile Telerehabilitation Applications for Cognitive and Vocational Rehabilitation and R2 Determining the efficacy of a mobile telerehabilitation portal for delivery of cognitive and vocational rehabilitation protocols. She is also a Task Leader on D3 Technology Implementation Project 3: Cognitive Skills Enhancement Program.

Michelle earned a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science and Technology, concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Certificate in Assistive Technology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Pittsburgh and is now a Doctoral Candidate at in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a concentration in psychosocial aspects of disability. Ms. Sporner is currently an Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh in Rehabilitation Counseling, the Program Co-Coordinator of a Cognitive Skills Enhancement Program, and is actively involved on several research projects involving cognitive assistive technology and brain injury and other cognitive disabilities, particularly in military veteran populations.




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TeleWellness: Interactive Mobile Health and Rehabilitation



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