Research and Development Projects

Our Research & Development tasks build upon our previous research in telerehabilitation and are in four focus areas:

  1. Cognitive and Vocational Rehabilitation
  2. Prevention and Management of Secondary Conditions
  3. Communication Technology Assessment anTraining
  4. Capacity Building

The first three areas all have the potential to benefit from TR services provided in the natural environment. Activities in the fourth focus area, Capacity Building, are aimed at knowledge translation and technology transfer. Each of the focus areas is dependent on the infrastructure core.

Infrastructure Core: Informatics Infrastructure for Supporting Telerehabilitation Services in Clinical and Natural Environments

The core components of the infrastructure were developed through past research. Our current efforts are focused on extending and improving on the core components of the infrastructure. Ultimately, it will include a versatile videoconferencing system, an integrated portal that can be tailored to clinical workflow, an innovative method of engaging consumers by connecting a health information portal with an emerging social media (such as Facebook), and innovative mobile applications. The illustration and text below explain the dependence of the Research and Development Tasks on the infrastructure core activity. For a detailed description of each task, click on it's title below. (More on the Infrastructure is available.)

Focus Area's

Focus Area 1: Cognitive and Vocational Rehabilitation

Focus Area 2: Prevention and Management of Secondary Conditions

Focus Area 3: Communication Technology Assessment and Training

Focus Area 4: Capacity Building




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