Our research in telerehabilitation has enabled us to develop many educational resources including posters, videos, presentations and much more. We hope the information is useful and we encourage you to share these resources with your peers!

The History of Telerehabilitation

Telerehabilitation is an emerging field with an interesting history. Learn more about it by reading our brief literature review.


If you weren't able to watch the FCC panel discussion, "Increasing Access to Broadband for People With Disabilities" or participate in our 2008 Virtual State of the Science Conference, you can still watch the presentations! We also have on-line access to continuing education presentations, video demonstrations regarding our projects. Check back often because we will continually add resources.

Presentations, Posters and Handouts

RERC TR investigators attend and present at many national/international conferences and invited speaking engagements. Some of our presentation handouts and posters are available in .pdf format. We encourage you to share the information.


Every year we publish our latest research findings in the most reputable journals and publications. If you have a problem locating any article in our list, please contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.




Journal of Telerehabilitation


D3 video screen on YouTube

TeleWellness: Interactive Mobile Health and Rehabilitation



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